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Johannian Youth Movement

Twenty-three years ago, the Johannian Youth Movement was formed in St.John the Evangelist Church, Marol with the aim of training and preparing the youth of Marol to face the future with greater control and confidence.

The JYM is a dynamic group with its members constantly looking for ways to help the underprivileged and bring the community closer together. Over the years, members have moved on to higher positions in life, but many come back frequently to help with JYM projects.

These include Parents Day celebrations, children's camp, talent promotion contests, charity dances/shows, paper drives, visit to orphanages/home for the aged, tuitions for poor children, workshop/sessions for youth by various professionals and finally the ever popular Christmas Fiesta.

This Christmas season special is popular with Marolites as well as others from all over Andheri. The feista's special treats are its top class bands, its children's corner, the good food and contests like singing, dancing, etc. The Fiesta brings together the components of the Christmas season, viz, joy and togetherness, which is why it is so popular with families.

This year's Fiesta '98 will take place from 27 December to 29 December at the Cardinal Simon Pimenta Piazza, St John's School, Marol. Entry is by invitation passes available at the parish office. These passes will be distributed to local parishioners as well as invitees from neighbouring Parishes.

For further details regarding passes, sponsorships, contributions, contests, please contact Fr. Richie Crasto (8344338) or Viju Jose (8344077) of St John's Church, Marol. The JYM meets every Thursday at 7:45 pm in the church meeting room.

By Clive D'mello.
JYM, Marol.

Lions Club of Powai organises eye camp at Anandwan

The Lions Club of Powai organised a massive eye camp at the leprosy rehabilitation centre run by Baba Amte at Anandwan at Chandrapur in Maharashtra. A 21-member team consisting of three doctors, paramedical staff and a few Lions Club members visited Anandwan towards the end of October.

About 2,900 patients had their eyes examined and 1,510 spectacles were distributed at the camp which lasted a couple of days. This is only the first phase. On 27 November a second team consisting of eye surgeons and others will visit Anandwan again and perform 360 cataract operations.

Although the Lions Club of Powai is based in Powai it has many members from Marol in leading and active positions in it. In fact the current president, S.L. Antony, hails from Hill View, Marol.