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We residents of Marol are fortunate to have greenery and open space near us in Aarey Colony which is very rare to find in Mumbai's concrete jungle. Many residents make use of this healthy environment by using this area for jogging, walking, exercising etc. I would appeal to others to get up early and enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings and greenery full of oxygen. This is very useful to us since we have to combat pollution, stress and strain in our daily life. If we get charged with oxygen in the morning, we can face any stress and strain as well as pollution during the day.

I and many other friends of mine who have been regular joggers at AareyColony for years are finding that the greenery is slowly vanishing. First, the Jogeshwari-Vikhroli Road cut through the area. Later, a large plot of land was sold to BSES. Initially it was understood that only a receiving station would be installed but later we found that a Training Institute also is being built with many buildings.

We can accept that a receiving station is essential. But why should a training centre be built here? It was our mistake that we residents of Marol allowed it to come up. Let us stop further erosion of greenery. For the last couple of months, I find two boards installed at the left side of Marol-Maroshi road in Aarey Colony before the Jogeshwari-Vikhroli link road. It says, "This land is the property of MIDC." This means the authorities of Aarey Colony have sold this land to MIDC. If we allow MIDC to build an industrial estate here, then the whole natural beauty will vanish and Aarey Colony will become another concrete jungle and we will be deprived of the benefits of it. Hence, I call upon residents of Marol to raise their voice and ask the authorities and government not to spoil these beautiful surroundings. Let us organise a protest on Marol-Maroshi Road in Aarey Colony to voice our concern on one of the coming Sundays. I request all to support me in raising our voice and join the protest.

Marol, Mumbai 400059

I was a resident of Blossom Society in Marol for several years until I got married and came to the United States. I still fondly cherish memories of my time spent in Marol. I used to regularly read your publication and was glad to have local news. I found the contents very informative and helpful too.

Today I came across your web site and was thrilled to be able to get news about Marol here in the US. Your site is good. Keep up the good work.

Since you deal with problems faced by Marol residents I thought I could let you know one faced by many, for which you could offer a solution. As you know, many Marol residents have to commute long distance to their jobs. There are many good companies nearby Saki Naka and MIDC areas. If you could advertise jobs from these locations in your publications and set up a job search on your site especially for Marol residents it would be a great boon to them, saving them the hazards of commuting.

If I can contribute in any way towards your site/publication please let me know.

Mrs.Jyoti Pednekar
(through e-mail)

Before going to the Marol-Maroshi bus station all BEST buses stop on the main road for the commuters to alight. This obstructs the traffic on this busy road. I suggest all the buses should halt inside the depot for the passengers to alight.

10/2/17 Bhawani Nagar