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Our teacher -- Cherryl Aunty

Cherryl Aunty was our teacher,
and she still is.
Her memories enrich our minds
with happiness and bliss.

To us she was a blessing,
a mother in disguise,
a lady who cared for
every little thing.

She left us and went far away,
She left us forever, never to stay.

But she still remains in our heart and mind,
she has left her sweet memories all behind.

She had a smile on her face
whenever she entered our class room.
She had a smile on her face
even when she lay silently in her bedroom.

Cherryl Aunty we all remember you,
we really do.
For you brought happiness and joy
That was the one and only you.

Neha Naik

(Cherryl Allwyn was a teacher at Hasanat School. She expired on 8 January 1997.)

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