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How this all began

Whoever said that an idle mind is the devil's workshop obviously had all his ganglions wired up correctly. Either that or he must have been a franchisee of the devil. In any case the saying applies aptly to me. A couple of years ago I persuaded my employer (may there be many more like him) to let me work from home. With no commuting to do I had a lot of free time on my hands, enough to seriously consider implementing an old idea of mine: starting a community newspaper centred on Marol, the place where I've lived almost all my life.

A friend named Ashok Hegde taught me the fundamentals of page publishing and the nitty gritty of getting matter from the computer screen on to good old paper. And so in June 1997 we (my wife was a major accomplice) launched In and Around Mumbai 59, a monthly magazine targeted at readers in J.B. Nagar, Kondivita and Marol. The name derives from 400 059, the postal code for J.B. Nagar, Kondivita and Marol. A few months later the target readership was expanded to include Chakala and Saki Naka.The first phone calls began pouring an hour after the distribution began, and the response hasn't abated since.

This web site was initially updated regularly, first by myself and later by a friend named Mustapha Bengali. But later for lack of time, okay laziness too, we did not update it for several months. Now -- this is a mid-year resolution -- we shall be updating it regularly. And unlike earlier, it won't contain only articles from the magazine, but also information on local services (hospitals, restaurants, etc) as well as links to the web sites of people and companies in this area. So if you have a web site and live between Chakala and Saki Naka let us know and we shall put up a link to your site. Keep visiting us and don't forget to tell us what you think of this site.

Philip George